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To build back better, we must build back Black

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

PRISM REPORTS | October 27, 2021

byDr. Jamie R. Riley and Duy PhamOctober 27th, 2021

The Biden-Harris administration’s proposed agenda would make historic investments that people with low incomes and BIPOC have long been excluded from.

Imagine a society free of the deeply rooted impacts of structural and institutional racism. A society where race is no longer a determining factor in how families and communities fared economically.

A society where Black families and other communities of color had equitable access to jobs, fair pay, adequate training, free education, affordable health care, and child care—allowing us to create more opportunities to build generational wealth and achieve some aspects of the American Dream. Policymakers can make real progress today on this vision, yet time and time again, they choose not to. And we are tired of waiting.

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